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Dear Supporters,

When we opened our doors on September 8, 2009, Seton Catholic College Prep became the first Catholic high school to serve Southwest Washington in over 40 years.  As such we take pride in our efforts to build our school and in doing so contribute to further developing our regional community of Southwest Washington.  

At Seton Catholic College Prep we strive to transform our students into faith-inspired community leaders who go on to succeed in all sectors of our society and economy. In doing so, we have committed ourselves to making Seton Catholic accessible to all families who seek an education that prepares their students for college in an environment that promotes Christian values in the Catholic tradition. 

Our mission is supported by the culture and climate that we establish during these early formative years.  This year marks our seventh year of classes as we host 173 new and returning students.  At orientation, our upperclassmen leadership team welcomed new students and began the process of passing down our emerging traditions based on Community, Service and Ministry.  It is exciting to see the commitment, culture and traditions of our school emerge before our very eyes.  

Please consider visiting us for a tour or joining us for mass one Wednesday - we would love to show you around and share with you our progress. 

To to make this all possible we rely on the support of members of our community who share this vision.  You can help us to grow and serve an increasing demand for a Catholic faith-based secondary education in our regional community.  Please consider a gift or pledge to Seton Catholic College Prep today.  You can do so by visiting our "Giving" page (see link to the left) or by contacting our Office of Philanthropy at 360-258-1932 - we'd love to hear from you!

We thank you all for your dedication to Seton Catholic College Prep.   Through your generous giving and your prayerful support we plan to continue our successful growth and in doing so, lay the groundwork for educating and developing our future leaders.


Ed L Signature
Founding President / Principal
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