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Rising to the Challenge: On-Campus Updates

Seton Catholic High School | On-Campus Updates
As of September 2020, Seton Catholic has returned to in-person instruction. As of April 2021, we are operating at 100% capacity and are able to welcome all students back to campus every day.
By dividing our student body into four "Saint Groups" and inviting two groups to campus each day, Seton Catholic is able to provide a safe in-person learning experience while continuing synchronous virtual instruction for those students who prefer to learn from home. All students and staff members are required to wear masks, maintain physical distancing rules, and obey all guidelines set forth by the Department of Health. Read on to see how Seton has been able to reopen our doors and return to in-person learning safely and responsibly!
Seton Catholic is pleased to share the "Seton Seven," our protocol to keep our staff and and students safe while also allowing us to meet in person. See below for an illustrated guide to our safety plan, which is based on the following pillars:
  • Daily Screenings & Staff Training
  • Personal Protective Equipment for every student/staff member
  • Physical Distancing
  • Enhanced Sanitation
  • HVAC Controls & Air Quality
  • Incident Response Protocols
  • Digital Innovations

If students are sick or if families would rather receive the instruction remotely, we have enhanced our online learning as follows:


  • Swivl Cameras have been acquired to live-stream classroom teaching to a student at home
  • Students at home will join the class, which allows for two-way communication
  • Live-streamed remote learning will be a maximum of 3 hours of screen time per day
    • Students are required to be in the digital classroom for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, and 45 minutes if they need additional assistance.
  • Attendance will be taken and classes will follow the same in-person schedule for class start times
  • Breaks and Lunch will be scheduled
  • Assignments will be submitted online
  • More specific guidelines will be presented later in August
Distance Learning: Spring '20
In the Spring of 2020, Seton Catholic went online to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Even in this unique and challenging time, Seton Catholic continued to thrive academically, socially, and spiritually.
Cougars @ Home
How We Excelled
  • Since beginning distance learning on March 13 2020, Seton Catholic did not miss a day of academic learning, allowing all students to finish the school year on time and Seniors to graduate as normal, thanks to our in-place online learning plan
  • Seton Catholic staff maintained contact with students and parents throughout, taking feedback into account and adjusting our plans in conjunction with the needs of our students and families.
  • Unlike public schools, Seton Catholic maintained our grading standards in order to ensure that we are consistently a challenging and fair academic environment
  • Our Health and Wellness Committee continues to work to decide on our options for next year, and to create certainties in an uncertain environment in an effort to ensure the health and wellbeing of Seton Catholic, students, families, and staff. The committee will review our current plan for COVID-19 accommodations, develop various plans to assist with both virtual/brick and mortar classroom settings in the COVID-19 environment for the upcoming school year, review and develop social and emotional wellbeing action plans, and discuss and review college and state recommendations around academics as well as student health and wellness.