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In-State College / Univ. Guidelines

To be eligible for admission to many in-state four-year universities or colleges, students must complete the following college-preparatory courses, or vocation, integrated, or college course equivalents before enrolling:
 English  4 years
 2.  Mathematics  3 years minimum (Algebra and above)
 3.  Social Studies  3 years
 4.  Science  2 years minimum (Biology, Chemistry, or Physics)
 5.  World Language  2 years minimum
 6.  Fine/Visual/Performing Arts  1 year minimum
Students are encouraged to pursue additional course work beyond these minimums in order to be a more competitive applicant, and to be better prepared for college level course work. College admission counselors also recommend that students take a challenging load during their senior year if they want to be considered as a serious candidate. This is only a guideline. Please see your counselor or specific university for specific requirements.