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Online Learning

To preserve our current academic calendar dates, and to encourage our students to continue learning even when at home due to school closures, Seton Catholic's dedicated teachers provide Online Learning instruction. 
The schedule for Online Learning Days is as follows: 
  • Assignments will be posted for every class by noon (12pm)
    • Assignments will be due no earlier than 6 pm the next day
  • Students will check in with each class by 3:05pm via Google Classroom
  • Teachers will respond to student emails within one hour between 12pm and 4pm 
  • Online Learning Days are considered school days
Online Learning FAQs
Given the rapidly changing environment that necessitates ongoing Online Learning days, we wish to clarify some specific questions about guidelines for longterm online learning. 
When do the block classes meet?
Block Classes meet on the same days as usual: Tuesday 1-4 & Wednesday 5-7.
Do we still have Spring Break and regularly scheduled “No School” days?
Yes, we follow the same calendared days off. 
Will there be real-time instruction with students and teachers (via webcam)?
This will be done on a class by class basis, set up by the teacher.
What if I have signed up for the Math or Spanish challenge test?
At this time, we are keeping these previously scheduled events on the calendar unless otherwise advised.
What does it mean that online days are “considered school days?"
Because accountability and attendance is being recorded, all Online Learning days are being counted and we will not need to make them up.
If you are having difficulty accessing classroom information or need assistance in any way, please feel free to email your teachers, or contact Mr. Chase at (360) 258-1932 ext. 224 or Dr. Rusk at (360) 258-1932 ext 222.