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School Closures

Any school closures due to inclement weather will be posted on the homepage of our website and on Seton Catholic's Facebook.  We always follow Vancouver Public Schools, if they are closed when we are closed.  If Vancouver Public Schools is 2 hours late or early release, we will be 2 hours late or early release.
As always, if you and your parents feel it is unsafe to drive to school due to weather conditions, please stay home.  If you stay home, have your parent/guardian email or call the school to excuse your absence. 
If we are closed or have an early release, all after-school activities (including sports) will be cancelled.
Students, if we do have a school closure, you are required to follow the Online Learning policy for your school work.  This requires you to check in to each class before noon for assignments and instructions.  Please see the Online Learning Day flyer below:
Online Learning Days
School cancellations can be a hassle! To preserve the current academic calendar dates, and to encourage students to continue learning, even when at home due to school closures, Seton Catholic's dedicated teachers provide Online Learning! Here's how!
Every Online Learning Day:
  • Assignments will be posted in every class by Noon
    • Assignments will be due no earlier than 8:00am the next school day
    • Previously assigned assignments that were scheduled to be due on an Online Learning Day are due on that Online Learning Day by 3:05pm
  • Teachers will respond to student emails between 12:00 and 4:00pm
  • Students must check in with every class by 3:05 PM via Google Classroom
  • Online Learning Days are considered School Days