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Attendance Policy
If your student is ill and won't be coming to school, you can:
  • email (preferred)
  • call the school 360/258-1932
  • send a note or drop by the office
Your student's absence wont be excused until we hear from a parent/guardian.
Remind your student to email teachers for homework.
Picking up a student early?...
Please drop off a note with your student (preferred), or call the office/email at the beginning of the day so your student can be excused from class when it's time to leave.
Have you signed up for Parent/Teacher Conferences (Oct 25-26)?  If not, call/email the office to schedule your conferences...the schedule is getting pretty full.
Remember, all of our teachers can set up a Conference or Phone Conference at any time.  All you need to do is email the teacher!  Emails are first initial plus last (i.e. for Kasey Powers).
Did You Know...?
The best way to stay on top of the news and events (besides checking this page) is by reading the Weekly Newsletter sent to your email on the weekends.  The Weekly Newsletter includes news, events and a weekly school calendar.  There's even a link to the Roman Catholic Liturgical calendar so you can stay on top of Holy Days, Feasts and much more!
If you aren't receiving the Weekly Newsletter and you would like to, please email and we will add you to the mailing.
Looking to get more involved? 
Join the Booster Club!  Visit the Booster Club page under "About."
Do you know an 8th grader interested in attending Seton Catholic High School? 
Our OPEN HOUSE for prospective families is Oct. 8 at 1pm