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Julie Kuznestov

Julie Kuznetsov grew up in Vancouver, WA. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in History and a Masters in Teaching from Washington State University. While she was earning her degree, she volunteered in schools around the area and worked as an AVID tutor to facilitate student learning and help students succeed. She also worked as a writing center tutor at Washington State University where she used her passion for language and writing composition to help others become stronger writers. Fun fact: she speaks Russian and Ukrainian, fluently.

As a teacher, her mission is to teach students to be critical about the world around them and to always strive to be better human beings so that they are prepared for life in high school and beyond. She focuses on student engagement and student growth by providing many opportunities for group work and self-reflection.


During her free time, Julie enjoys spending quality time with her husband and traveling to new places. She loves living in the Pacific Northwest and takes every opportunity to spend time outdoors.