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Capital Campaign


The Right Here, Right Now Campaign

The Right Here, Right Now Campaign is a $20 million comprehensive capital campaign to build and maintain a 44,000 sq ft school campus in its first phase. Our new home is housed on 12 acres, with a central Vancouver location (88th Street off of Padden Parkway near Costco) that will allow for future enrollment growth and adequate athletic facilities.  To date, we have blessed to have raised $20.2 million towards our $20 million goal.

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Meeting an Urgent Need
“Addressing the pressing needs of our school through our capital campaign efforts will meet the demands of students and families who seek a balance of college-preparatory academic programs and electives with the facilities to match.” (Ed Little, Founding President & Principal) 


Founding President & Principal, Mr. Little with students




· Our new two-story building provides full wireless access and 1:1 device learning with iPads. Comfortable, flexible classroom furniture and desks allow for collaborative learning with multiple configurations
· 35,000 sq ft school facility with 8 large classrooms and S.T.E.M. Center
· First phase of campaign accommodates 250 students with a future phase planned to provide adequate classroom space for up to 500
· Dedicated Counseling Center provides college, academic and behavioral/emotional counseling to students. Dedicated space for academic support and 1:1 instruction


· A beautiful new Chapel that seats 300 for all school daily prayer, weekly mass, retreats and liturgical celebrations
· Dedicated office for campus ministry and retreat planning
· Space where a community of priests serving our school can engage with students

Seton Catholic Chapel


· Nearly 10,000 sq ft main gymnasium for PE, sports practices, and competitions 
· Dedicated boys and girls locker rooms with coaches' offices
· A new fitness center for strength and health classes
· Football/Multi-purpose athletic fields and track & field complex
· To be completed in future phase(s): additional grandstands with concessions, lights, additional practice field and auxiliary gymnasium





The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Center at Seton Catholic features just over 2,800 sq ft of both wet and dry labs with individual desktop computers available in the dry lab with access to the latest applications and software

Seton Catholic implemented a brand new 1:1 iPad device program across the entire school. Instead of textbooks, the iPad is the most common form of content delivery in the classroom using ebooks, web resources, references and applications pushed out by the teacher.

The STEM Classrooms serve both existing AP courses (Physics, Calculus, Chemistry, etc.) as well as specific STEM courses that integrate knowledge, project-learning and a team approach to solving real-world problems. 


S.T.E.M.-Science with wet/dry lab


 S.T.E.M.-Robotics & Technology



· Large student commons provides open space for student dining, student activities and hosting community gatherings
· Dedicated faculty/staff lunchroom and space for concessions
· Chapel can be sectioned off to include dedicated performing space for Performing arts department (drama, choir and music)
· Dedicated classroom for growing student leadership program and visual arts

Chapel / Performing Arts Center



Central to the learning environment are students and teachers. As a Catholic Archdiocesan High School, Seton Catholic is dedicated to raising support from our capital campaign to restrict to financial aid endowment
In addition, Seton Catholic hopes to sustain its current leadership and campus ministry program through a dedicated endowment. To date, nearly $500,000 has been raised to seed our endowment. 



Capital Campaign Goals 2015-2020 (When Campaign was launched)

The Seton Catholic Right Here, Right Now Campaign is a $20M, five-year, comprehensive capital campaign with several strategic goals that will position the school for growth and long-term sustainability. Goals of the campaign include:


Goal $2.5 Million

· Fund the acquisition of approximately 12 acres of land for our new campus with sufficient space for future growth and expansion

New School Building and Gymnasium
Goal: $12 Million

State-of-the-art, 34,000 sq ft campus including
· Nearly 10,000 sq ft gym
· Student Commons for dining and community gathering
· 300 seat chapel
· Space for Music, Visual Arts, and Drama Programs
· 2,800 sq ft for S.T.E.M. Center for Science and technology, housing both wet and dry labs
· Administration offices, reception and conference space

Athletic Fields & Fitness Center
Goal: $1.5 Million

· Football/soccer multi-purpose fields with comprehensive track & field complex
· Fitness Center with weight room 








                                                Fitness Center

 Annual Operations and Sustained Programs
Goal: $4 Million

· Financial Aid Endowment
· Sustain greatest annual operating needs for Seton Catholic during capital campaign

Thank you for Helping to Complete our Permanent Home!

For more information on our plan and how you can support
The Right Here, Right Now Campaign for Seton Catholic College Prep, please contact:

Craig Schaefer
Director of Development
360.258.1932 ex. 225
[email protected]