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Seton Catholic College Prep requires students at each grade level to perform community service.  This requirement expresses at the deepest level who we are as a Catholic school. We aspire to teach our students to live their faith by imitating Jesus Christ, whose ministry on earth focused largely on service to those in need, whether they be sick, lonely, hungry, or simply neglected by society. Our hope is that through this service, students will become aware of their responsibilities as Christians to serve others, especially those in need. 
Note: Because we are trying to teach students to perform service for the wider community, we do not accept service done for family (as part of a family business, for a parent’s job, for grandparents, etc.) or that benefits an organization or team to which the student belongs. Students are informed that such service is already an obligation; it is not what our service requirement is intended to teach. 

Required hours for each year
Freshmen year: 20 hours
Sophomore year: 20 hours (10 hours MUST be Community Service)
Junior year: 30 hours (15 hours MUST be Community Service)
Senior year: Senior Project - Minimum of 30 hours (Project approved by Theology teacher)
Direct Community Service Opportunities

There are a multitude of organizations in the Vancouver area who are in need of volunteers and meet the criteria for completing service at Seton Catholic. A list of approved Community Service Project/Agencies can be found on the Seton Catholic website, or outside the Campus Ministry office. Please see Mrs. Dirksen for more information regarding community service opportunities.


What would count for Direct Community Service hours? (*this is not an exhaustive list - please see Campus Ministry for more details)

Camp Attitude

March for Life


Catholic Community Services

Parish Opportunities

St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank


Indirect Community Service Opportunities
Throughout the year, there are many school service opportunities and projects, which can make up the other amount of required hours. Listed below are some of those opportunities:
Celebrate Seton - Fall
Open House - Fall     
Scholarship Breakfast - Spring
New Student Night - Spring
What would count for Other Indirect Service hours? (*this is not an exhaustive list - please see Campus Ministry for more details)
Seton Events or Service
Family Animal Care
Babysitting/Yard Assistance
Tracking Your Service Hours 


MobileServe is Seton Catholic Prep’s new system for recording and tracking volunteer service hours. All volunteer service hours are now recorded and tracked on the mobileserve app on your iPad or smartphone. 

Recording Service Hours in the mobileserve app

  • Enter and check the status of your service hours on the mobileserve app on your iPad or smartphone. Log in using your Seton email and password you have created.
  • When recording hours, complete each section for proper verification of your hours. 
    • Category of service (Direct or Indirect)
    • Tell your story  (who you helped and what you did while volunteering)
    • Supervisor Name 
    • Supervisor Email (use only the agency email for verification, not a personal email)
  • Check the “activity” tab on mobileserve to see the status of submitted hours. 


MobileServe Tips

  • Download the mobileserve app on your phone and log in using your Seton email and password 
  • You will need to create a Profile to track your hours.
  • CLICK HERE to check the Seton Catholic website and Campus Ministry for upcoming service opportunities. 
  • See Mrs. Dirksen in Campus Ministry with any questions.

MobileServe FAQs

  • Why do students need to include their birthdays in their Profile? What is this information used for? 
    • We ask students to include their birthdays because we are COPPA compliant (children under the age of 13 need parental approval to use an app that asks for their name or other personal information).
Student Reflection

Each student must complete a written reflection on his/her service experience (see attached) and turn it in to their Theology teacher. All service hours, documentation, and reflection assignments must be completed by May 1st. The service requirement comprises 10% of students’ fourth quarter Theology grade. 

Jesus' message is to love your neighbor and serve your brothers and sisters. 

"Our love is not to be just words or mere talk, but something real and active." (1 Jn. 3:18)

Erin Dirksen

Director of Campus Ministry / Service Leadership Coordinator

Erin Dirksen
Christian Service Coordinator