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The Seton Catholic Endowment Fund is a permanent fund, managed by the Fulcrum Foundation of Seattle and their Central Endowment Fund that compounds with interest and dividends. The principal is never touched and a percentage of earnings is used to support tuition assistance efforts and the annual budget. The endowment represents an investment in the future of our school and a commitment to ensuring its long-term viability and success.  In addition, it ensures that Seton Catholic’s legacy of accessibility and affordability for qualified students remains for years to come. Thanks to the generosity of a local family foundation and their initial $50,000 investment in 2016,  the Seton Catholic Endowment Fund was started. To learn more about making a gift to help grow the Seton Catholic Endowment this year, please contact Craig Schaefer, Development Director (360) 258-1932 or [email protected]
We thank the following Foundations and Individuals that have helped to name Individual Named Scholarships within the Seton Catholic Endowment Fund: 

*RH Parker/ United Foundation
*PeaceHealth: Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace Scholarship
*Ed Little "Cougar Pride" Scholarship

Annual Scholarships
Dan and Christine Wamsley Scholarship Fund
Edmond W. Lapine II Annual Scholarship 
Application for these individual Scholarships are available in December and due in January!