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The Seton Catholic Endowment Fund is a permanent fund, managed by the Fulcrum Foundation of Seattle and their Central Endowment Fund that compounds with interest and dividends. The principal is never touched and a percentage of earnings is used to support tuition assistance efforts and the annual budget. The endowment represents an investment in the future of our school and a commitment to ensuring its long-term viability and success.  In addition, it ensures that Seton Catholic’s legacy of accessibility and affordability for qualified students remains for years to come. Thanks to the generosity of a local family foundation and their initial $50,000 investment in 2016,  the Seton Catholic Endowment Fund was started. To learn more about making a gift to help grow the Seton Catholic Endowment this year, please contact Craig Schaefer, Development Director (360) 258-1932 or Gifts to the Seton Catholic Endowment can be made on the Fulcrum Foundations online giving page by designating Seton Catholic’s Endowment in your description.