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Athletics Mission

Philosophy: Educate Through Athletics

The athletic philosophy of the Seton Catholic High School Athletic Department promotes individual dignity, personal development, and social interaction. Here, we are dedicated to providing a leading athletic program in a Christian atmosphere for all student-athletes.


We believe athletic success is not measured solely by the number of wins and losses or the number of trophies or championships won in a given season. Success is measured by the degree to which our student-athletes live up to the principles of the Seton Catholic High School Prep mission: HIGHER LEARNING, DEEPER FAITH and STRONGER CHARACTER.  The education of each student-athlete is our first priority. We adhere to the “Activities Matter” principles as outlined by the Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA).  


Vision: Create the Culture

The Seton Catholic High School Athletic Department seeks to create a culture that inspires, motivates, and challenges all participants to leave their environment better than how they found it. 


Mission: Create the Environment

The Seton Catholic High School Athletic Department will work daily to create a professionally-run performance environment that readies young people to excel to their God-given ability.  The lessons learned through athletic participation will supplement the areas Seton Catholic embraces for all of its students through its vision: HIGHER LEARNING, DEEPER FAITH and STRONGER CHARACTER.


Core Values:  F.A.C.E.

At the heart of the Seton Catholic High School Athletic Program is a desire for our student-athletes to demonstrate what it looks like to be the F.A.C.E. of our school.  This is something continuously instilled in our athletes. We want our athletes to be the F.A.C.E of Seton on the playing field, in school, and the community in which they live.






Department Goals:

1. Provide student-athletes with the highest quality academic, athletic, social, and spiritual experience.
2. Achieve competitive success in every program.
3. Develop and maintain a strong inclusive environment which promotes equity, sportsmanship, compliance, and diversity.
4. Develop and execute a campaign that communicates the message of the Athletic Program.
5. Provide high-quality leadership and management of interscholastic athletics.