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Sean Curtis

Sean was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. After attending a Catholic high school, he decided that he wanted to go to a Catholic university while also getting a bit of a change of scenery. That led him to start studying engineering at the University of Portland. By the end of his time on the bluff, however, Sean was walking away with a BA in Theology. Since getting his MA in Theology at the University of Notre Dame in 2019, Sean has settled back into the Portland area and have been working at Our Lady of Lourdes as the Pastoral Assistant for Faith Formation ever since. 

Sean's biggest hobby by far is sports. Aside from being too invested in fantasy football and all Colorado pro teams, he has been known to watch more soccer than is good for him and even do a little writing about it on the side. When sports aren’t on, Sean spend time playing board games, watching movies, or watching Survivor with his roommate. He also tries to get outside any day the sun happens to be visible, whether that be for a walk, a hike, or (his favorite) just to hit the golf course.