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Freshman Retreat
The theme of the Freshman Retreat is "High School Transition and Being a Setonian." The retreat is located at the University of Portland, and it helps the new class get to know some of their classmates better, as well as gives the students an idea of what life at Seton is like. It is led by Ms. Duffy and students volunteers, and includes ice breakers, talks led by the volunteers, as well as a time to ask upperclassmen for advice.
Sophomore Retreat
The Sophomore retreat's theme is "Identity." While as it's very similar to the Freshman retreat, the Sophomore retreat is about finding out more about yourself than your classmates. It is again located at the University of Portland, and led by Ms. Duffy and upperclassman, however the games and talks will be more focused on the person God made you to be.
Junior Retreat
The focus of the Junior retreat is "Spirituality." The retreat is two days and one night and takes place at Camp Howard. The class will become closer during the days and be as close as ever by the end of it. There are games played and talks given from Senior leaders and from many staff members.
Senior Retreat
As your time at Seton is close to ending, the senior retreat's theme is "Service and Leadership." It is a three day, two night retreat again located at Camp Howard. Teachers give talks about how to live your life once you reach college and after. You are taught how to lead by example, and why giving back is so important.