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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is Seton Catholic pursuing a modified school schedule with a 4 day school week and community day on Monday?
    1. We want to create a more consistent academic calendar by eliminating late start days, limiting our early release days (to only 2 days), and creating a bell schedule so all students will see each of their teachers every day. 
    2. By maximizing Mondays, we can offer staff development, class retreats, and time for families to schedule appointments, college visits and service opportunities for our students without losing class time. This allows Tuesdays-Fridays to have a set bell schedule free from conflicts that disrupt the school day. 
    3. Teacher survey reveals our teaching staff strongly supports this modification. We also believe this modified school week will increase teacher applications and retention based upon the success of other school districts.
Is there a way to keep the 8:00 am start time we currently have to allow for additional sleep and travel time?
    1. Yes, we are able to change our start and end times to 8:00-3:30pm by adjusting our passing times by 1 min and ending our day at 3:30pm.
    2. This change would adjust our overall instructional hours per year to 1083 and this  does NOT include our academic support time or retreats held on Mondays.
If students only attend four days of school, won’t students be in school for less time?
    1. Yes, some weeks, but with more consistent weeks and days the total number of hours in the school year is only two hours less because we have increased each school day by 25 minutes. 
Will my student have more homework?
    1. Your student will have all seven classes each day, so they will not necessarily have more homework than they have now, but they will not have days in between when their classes meet to finish homework like they do now.  
    2. Teachers will work with students as they learn to manage their academic workload and create routines.
Will my student be able to get academic support on Mondays?
    1. Yes, each Monday from 1:00-3:00 PM we will have educators on site and available to help students.
    2. Athletic practices will not start until 3:30PM so student/athletes are able to attend academic support before practices on Monday. 
    3. Student/Athletes whose GPA is below a 2.5 may be required to attend academic support.
How will not having school on Mondays impact athletics?
    1. There will be no impact on student athlete participation or eligibility.
    2. Student/athletes will still have to meet WIAA and SCHS grade and attendance eligibility requirements.
    3. Practices will not start before 3:30PM on Mondays which is consistent with other school days during the week.
Will this impact any student clubs or school activities?
    1. ASB/Leadership is the only club that will be impacted.
    2. We are considering: 
      1. Meetings during lunch, after school or Mondays.
      2. A special class for our leadership/ASB students.
What are options for a student who does not have transportation during the day to get to school for academic support and/ or athletics?
    1. We intend to offer a Google Meet option for academic support.
    2. We will work to coordinate carpool groups, and C-Tran schedules so students have options, other than relying on their own family for transportation.
Will Mondays be more organized so families can plan with their students how to spend their days? 
    1. Yes, we will provide a clear calendar with available opportunities, including but not limited to:
      1. Service opportunities
      2. College representative visits and time for students to work on college essays and applications
      3. Retreats
      4. Academic enrichment, ie workshops, independent classes, guest speakers / seminars
How will the school evaluate the effectiveness of a 4 day a week school schedule?
    1. Analysis of student, staff and family interviews and surveys.
    2. Analysis of student attendance data.
    3. Analysis of student achievement data.
What is the impact on Zero period class offerings?
    1. With our adjustment of the school day remaining at an 8:00 AM start, zero period will not be impacted.
Have you added more weeks to the school year?
    1. No, this current school year has 39 weeks of school and next year’s proposed calendar has 39 weeks of school.  The modified schedule has no impact on the first and last days of the academic calendar.
    2. We started school on Wednesday, August 23rd this year with New Student Orientation.  We will start school next year on Tuesday, August 20th with New Student Orientation.
    3. Our school tradition is to graduate our seniors on the 1st Saturday of June, and finals for the remaining students in the week following.  This academic year, graduation is Saturday, June 1st, and the final day of school is June 7th.  Next year, graduation will be Saturday, June 7th, and the final day of school will be June 13th.
Might there be a risk that some students would abuse the free time allotted to them on Mondays and engage in non-academic or non-community-oriented pursuits that would be to their detriment?
    1. While there is always that possibility it differs little from improper use of one’s available free time throughout the week or on weekends.
    2. We have a high level of confidence in the maturity and decision-making capabilities of the typical Seton student; it’s what sets them apart from their peers in other academic or social settings. It is our belief that Seton students will rise to meet our expectations of them.    
    3. In college students will have an enormous amount of free time. Mondays will allow students to learn time management skills that they can apply later in college.