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About Me

I was born in San Antonio, Texas and moved to Anchorage, Alaska  when I was 4 because my dad was in the Air Force.  We then moved to Columbia, Missouri when I was 8.  My whole family on both sides is from Missouri (said "Missoura" if you're from there).  Fun fact, my dad's Great-Grandfather's store in Shawnee Mound, was robbed by Jesse James!  My family moved to the beautiful Pacific Northwest when I was a sophomore in high school because my dad was a mountain climber and loved Portland. I went to Wilson High School where I skied and was in the Wilderness Club!  I attended University of Oregon and studied Graphic Design and Art History.  I finished my last year at Portland State University with a Liberal Arts Degree.  My first job was with an environmental consulting firm...I worked in Old Town Portland in a beautiful old building.  I then worked for Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company as a Publicist where I worked with authors and illustrators to plan their marketing and book tours.  I also taught pre-school for 2 years.  My husband and I have 3 boys two are in college and one is a "real" adult.  
We've been parishioners at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church for 23 years and all of my boys went to OLL.  Two of my three boys went to school at Seton Catholic all 4 years and it was life-altering for them.  I love working at Seton Catholic because it's my second family. The teachers and staff here are THE BEST! 
My husband and I like to travel (I prefer road-trips to flying) with our 2 dogs-a schnoodle and a lab.  I love the beach, archaeology and I make art jewelry.
My Family
"adopted sons" Kelson and Dylan with CJ