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In addition to need-based financial assistance, there are academic and merit based scholarships available to Seton students.
Seton Catholic Scholarships

Presidential Scholarship
Seton applicants who through their application for admission demonstrate a high level of academic achievement as well as commitment to service and involvement in community will be invited to apply for a Presidential Scholarship.  A separate scholarship application will be mailed to eligible applicants in early January and due by January 29th.  Presidential Scholarship recipients will be notified of the award by March 1st.  The Presidential Scholarship is an award of $2,000 per year, continuing for all four years at Seton Catholic provided the minimum scholarship requirements are maintained.
Named Scholarships
  • Ed Little Cougar Pride Scholarship
  • RH Parker / United Foundation Scholarship
  • PeaceHealth, Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace Scholarship

These scholarships are open to both new and current students. Complete the Seton General Scholarship Application below to be considered for any or all of these available scholarships.  The Seton General Scholarship Application is due January 29, 2021.

Outside Scholarships
Students and families may seek scholarships and financial assistance outside of Seton Catholic which can assist in paying for tuition at Seton Catholic.  In addition to the scholarship named below, some families have had success with their local church, Knights of Columbus, CYO, and other local organizations:
The Emmet Pyatt Foundation provides scholarships to students who are committed to learning, participate in athletics, and support their community with volunteer service.  Please see the Emmet Pyatt Foundation Scholarship website for more details and the application materials. Application deadline: January 29, 2021.