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Department Philosophy
The Seton Physical Education and Health curriculum encourages students to focus on the body as a temple of the Holy Spirit. Throughout the year discussions include eating healthy, thinking healthy, and exercise and how and why God wants you to take care of your body. All students are required to take 1.5 credits of Physical Education and a .5 credit of Health.
Course Offerings
Physical Education (1 credit)
Grade Level: 9-12
This coeducational class is designed to explore lifetime fitness in a variety of ways. Individual and team sports are included with emphasis placed upon development of skills and knowledge of the game. Students will learn ways to include maximum physical activity in their daily lives.
Intro / Advanced Weights (1 credit)
Grade Level: 9-12
Prerequisite: Physical Education or approval from instructor.
This coeducational class is designed to improve on basic weight training learned in physical education. This class will further enhance how to create a safe and healthy weigh regiment as well as the proper safety techniques for all weight training. Students will be able to develop and strengthen their bodies to assist in preventing injuries and improve their athletic performance.
Health (.5 credit)
Grade Level: 10-12
This one-semester course is required. It is required to explore lifetime wellness in a variety of ways. Students learn to address issues of physical, mental, and social health and to understand their connection to total health. The curriculum is intended to help students examine their lifestyles, select goals and make plans to achieve and maintain optimum health. This involves choosing behaviors that help prevent illness and accidents and promote health for oneself and for others. The program promotes responsible decision making and provides students with life management skills they can use for the rest of their lives.